The Rector of CTU awarded our researchers with medals for extraordinary performances during the coronavirus crisis. Their inventions contributed to mitigating the pandemic.

At the end of November 2021, a gala ceremony took place in the Bethlehem Chapel where medals were awarded to the CTU experts for extraordinary performances during the coronavirus crisis. Rector of CTU doc. Vojtěch Petráček distributed 105 medals to researchers, students and others who contributed to solving the pandemic in the Czech Republic and abroad with their innovations and involvement.

The medal for this special occasion was designed by the Czech medalist Michal Vitanovský.

Tomáš Krajník was awarded for the FreMEn contra COVID project and the development of unique Nebojsa app. Ph.D. students Petr Čížek, Jakub Sláma and Petr Váňa each received a medal for the algorithm that allowed automated testing with Eppendorf pipetting robots. Jiří Kubík was recognizer for his 3D-printed test tube opener.

From left: Petr Váňa (AI Center FEE CTU), Jakub Sláma (AI Center FEE CTU), Adéla Přibylová(Charles University), Petr Čížek (AI Center), Bedřich Himmel (Department of Cybernetics FEE CTU), Vojtěch Petráček (Rector of CTU)

At the beginning of the ceremony, the Rector said: “Last year, not only our researchers but also students and volunteers came up with great ideas. What our university has accomplished during the pandemic is incredible! And it is amazing that the activities of CTU researchers, innovations and auxiliary steps continue to emerge. Without the work of CTU, the first wave of the pandemic would be much more critical." And we couldn't agree more!

From left: Vojtěch Petráček (Rector of CTU), Tomáš Krajník (AI Center)