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We thoroughly understand the latest AI techniques and application domains. Scientific excellence, engineering ingenuity and the diversity of people and perspectives define the way we work. We are open to collaboration and always strive for real-world impact.

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Post-human creativity

Closing remarks for our discussion on the use of AI in art with the panelists Garrett Lynch IRL, Paul Mouginot and Iskra Velitchkova. Includes a list of sources for further reading and creative experimenting with AI algorithms.

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Since 2019 we foster artificial intelligence and machine learning research through a joint laboratory with Avast, the global leader in digital security.

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We help companies advance their AI technologies through consulting, piloting and contractual research. Joint research lab is one of the possible modes of collaboration which gets us excited the most!

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Sebastián García
I am fascinated by the fact that through high-quality security research we are actually protecting civil society.
Sebastián García
Assistant Professor

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