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Our security research consists of more than a dozen projects, each of them with the same goal: to help protect others through high-quality cybersecurity research.

The cybersecurity group, also known as Stratosphere Laboratory, works at the intersection of cybersecurity, machine learning, and helping others. Our research focuses on a wide range of topics in the cybersecurity domain: (i) network security that includes developing the first free-software machine learning-based network intrusion detection system,  (ii) machine learning privacy and security, and (iii) studying malware behavior and researching on the security internet of things and smart homes. Our social project, Civilsphere, leverages the groups’ research to help protect civil society members at risk of targeted digital threats.

Our recent cybersecurity summer school.
Computational Propaganda

Computational Propaganda

Propaganda, fake news, and misinformation are not just social science topics. Our security research deals with so-called computational propaganda. In addition to politics, algorithms and automation are increasingly entering communication. Learn how they are being exploited.

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