We invite you to the discussion series on AI research and social responsibility.

D<AI>DALOS is co-organized by the AI Center FEE CTU and our friends at Machine Learning Meetups (MLMU). Through six lectures planned for the 2021 and 2022, we wish to bring together scientists, students and experts from various fields to tackle the questions of AI research and social responsibility. Specifically, the cycle will cover the following topics related to AI: creativity, journalism, fairness, sustainability, transhumanism and the opening lecture on the history of AI. With the D<AI>DALOS cycle, we also commemorate the 20th anniversary of our research center.


In the Greek mythology, Daidalos (or Daedalus, Δαίδαλος) was a genius architect and craftsman, and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and also power. Daidalos invented and built the Labyrinth for King Minos of Crete were he was imprisoned shortly after with his son Icarus. They devised a plan to escape by using wings made of feathers and wax that Daidalos had invented. They escaped, but Icarus did not heed his father's warnings and flew too close to the sun which led to his death. The story of Daidalos makes us think deeply about how inventions are used and possibly misused and therefore he lent his name to this whole series of discussions, which is devoted to social responsibility.

Many important discussions on the impact of AI on society are taking place publicly or in the humanities and social sciences communities, but only few of the key arguments reach the natural scientists and engineers who build the actual AI systems. As members of a technical university, we believe that we can raise awareness about this issue in our community and highlight the responsibilities that come with AI research and applications. Therefore, and to responsibly celebrate our 20th birthday, we are organizing this discussion series to address the issues like: What are the potential benefits and risks of current AI systems? Why should we further pursue better AI technology? What are the projections of leading experts in the field? How can AI research help facilitate positive social change? 

Program (updated before each event)

The discussions will be happening online (live-streamed on MLMU YouTube channel) unless the Covid-19 situation allows differently. All of them will be recorded for those that cannot attend. The admission is always free of charge. Please, see the instructions for each event on the dedicated page (below).

Partners and supporters

We are very excited that the MLMU is co-organizing D<AI>DALOS with us and will extend the invitations to their big engineering community. We would also like to thank the supporters of MLMU who allow us to keep this event free and accessible to everyone. Namely: SAS, Dataclair.AI, Rossum, Seznam.cz, Konica Minolta, ChyronHego, Biano.