Jan 19, 2022
Jan 19, 2022

Third event of the D<AI>DALOS discussion series on AI research and social responsibility.

We invite you to the online discussion AI as a New Frontier for Journalism: Where to Find Value in Tech-Driven Journalism that will explore the topic with an international panel of academics and practitioners. This is the third event of a discussion series called D<AI>DALOS co-organized by the AI Center FEE CTU and our friends at Machine Learning Meetups (MLMU). Through six lectures planned for 2021 and 2022, we wish to bring together scientists, students and experts from various fields to tackle the questions of AI research and social responsibility. Specifically, the cycle covers the following topics related to AI: creativity, journalism, fairness, sustainability, transhumanism and the opening lecture on the history of AI.

Event description

As new technological solutions continue to emerge, journalism has a responsibility to utilize any and all resources presenting themselves in a conscious manner. The rising popularity of AI-based systems has shown unprecedented promise for researchers and journalists alike. Can this precipitous development lead to decrements in trustworthiness in the eyes of the end consumer? What are the downsides of tech-heavy journalism? Where is the value in tech-driven journalism and is AI a true friend or a deceptive foe?


Logan Williams (Bellingcat)
Logan is a data scientist for Bellingcat's Investigative Technology team. He collaborates across Bellingcat to obtain, organize and analyze data, develop new tools for open source investigations, and communicate complex information with data visualization and cartography. Logan holds degrees in computer science from MIT and previously led technology development at data visualization agency Stamen Design and was a research fellow at the BuzzFeed News Open Lab.

Jan Drchal (AIC FEE CTU)
Jan is our machine learning (ML) researcher and lecturer at the AI Center. He had been working on ML applications in areas such as transportation research or robotics. Lately, he has focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods for low-resource languages. Together with his research team, he works on the development systems for automated fact-checking and other AI-based assistive technologies for journalists.

MODERATOR: Anna Vošalíková (Czech Radio)
Anna is Chief Producer of the mujRozhlas audio platform at Czech Radio (Český rozhlas). She specializes in innovative audio content, new formats, AI narrative driven audio and frontend and backend solutions for the users of the audio platform. Aside from this, Anna enjoys working on and researching uncanny valley based sound design, artificial authors, and digital audio innovations.

Recording of the discussion


Access the talk online on January 19, 2022 (6:00 PM CET) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1On_Zwy3M7A. You can ask questions via the chat. The recording of the live-stream will be available at the same link.

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