Help safeguard 100 million EU users! Join the DNS4EU project and explore AI solutions to detect and block DNS attacks while minimizing false positives.

Postdoc in AI and Cybersecurity

The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), through the Stratosphere Laboratory, has an open position for a postdoc in AI and Cybersecurity.

Work description

The position is to research, publish and develop new techniques to detect and stop advanced DNS attacks in Europe for the DNS4EU project. DNS4EU is the largest and new EU DNS security infrastructure to protect 100,000,000 users. The position is to join a team at CTU University working on high-performance detection of attacks using DNS and false positive reduction. The position is on-premises in Prague, Czech Republic.

Requirements to apply

We need someone that is passionate about cybersecurity and AI, willing to push forward what is possible today, having new ideas on how to use the best techniques to detect and stop the most advanced DNS attacks and threats. We need someone with good AI skills, experienced in the methods and pipeline of implementing AI solutions, understanding the ensembling of ideas and going beyond one specific method. We need someone who can work with us in creating advanced, high-traffic detection methods: from phishing to poisoning, slow DDoS, APTs, tunnelling and more.

Who we are

The Stratosphere Laboratory is a multidisciplinary and open group that researches at the intersection of Cybersecurity and AI while helping society. Our research spans from Honeypots, IoT, LLMs, security agents, XAI, adversarial ML, cybercrime, IDS and more. We have been creating free cybersecurity datasets and AI models for more than 10 years, together with teaching and training in the community.

What we offer

We offer a competitive salary, but more importantly, to be part of a diverse team of like-minded people who love security and AI. We also offer equipment, a lot of data, a growing learning path, optionally to teach at the University and to have your own students for thesis. We value the growing of our team and how we work together.


The position is in Prague, Czech Republic, a beautiful city in the middle of Europe. If you are not from Prague, there are some nice reasons why to move here! Yes, yes, we are biased.

About DNS4EU

DNS4EU is the EU-approved project to create and implement the only EU DNS infrastructure. Its aim is to provide DNS to all EU citizens, organizations and members. It is a large consortium of more than 20 organizations and companies.