Several Ph.D. positions are available within Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network for tensor modeling, geometry and optimization.

TENORS project aims to form the next generation of researchers and engineers in scientific computing and data analysis, disrupting the current paradigms of tensor calculus by exploiting cutting-edge research in geometry and optimisation.

Tensor methods applied in quantum computing

Tensors are ubiquitous in many domains of applied mathematics, computer science, signal processing, data processing, machine learning and quantum information theory.

The demand for highly trained scientists with a deep understanding of tensor methods and with advanced knowledge in the geometry of tensor spaces, with skills on the design of efficient algorithms and software handling tensor computation and in the applications of high performance tensor computation is raising, in many fields including machine learning and quantum computation, which are nowadays expanding very quickly.

Multidisciplinary network of scientists

TENORS contributes to satisfy the demand of highly trained scientists by fostering scientific and technological advances in the area of tensor sciences, stimulating interdisciplinary and intersectoriality knowledge exchange between algebraists, geometers, computer scientists, numerical analysts, data analysts, physicists, quantum scientists, and industrial actors facing real-life tensor-based problems, in a network of PhD students at its core.

A unique strength of the network is to gather top-researchers of these different domains. TENORS will train young scientists in academy or industry in how to exploit the best of these techniques efficiently and disseminate this knowledge to industry. As a truly multidisciplinary network, TENORS will at the same time seek to apply these new techniques to real-life applications thanks to the industrial actors involved in the network.

Start date: 2024
End date: 2027
Call: HORIZON-MSCA-2022-DN-01 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Networks)
Project ID: 101120296

Apply to become trained within the TENORS network!

If you are looking for a unique Ph.D. opportunity at the intersection of optimization and quantum information theory, reach out to us at Apart from participation in our projects, you will get a chance to dig deeper into the multidisciplinary use of tensor methods and get a real-work experience with one of the network's industry partners.

More information about the Ph.D. program in our AI research center can be found in the Career section. Do not hesitate to contact us sould you have any job-related questions or want to learn more about the project.