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Georgios Korpas

I am a Research Fellow and member of the Optimization Group at the AI Center FEE CTU mainly working in the interplay between quantum computation and optimization.

I hold a PhD in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin where I worked on topological quantum field theories, modular forms and topological invariants of 4-manifolds. See the list of my publications.

Research interests

  • Quantum computation and quantum information
  • Quantum algorithms and quantum machine learning
  • Mathematical optimization and semi-definite programming
  • Machine learning and deep learning in theoretical physics and mathematics
  • Topological quantum field theories and topological string theories
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Research Results

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Finding Missing Persons With Responsible Algorithms

Finding Missing Persons With Responsible Algorithms

Apple AirTags and other location-tracking devices are a useful tool when it comes to locating misplaced items or even missing people. But in the hands of stalkers or criminals, these can be weaponized. How can we maintain privacy standards and guarantee fairness? Our AI algorithms offer solutions.

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