Nov 4, 2021
Nov 5, 2021

Annual conference connecting global AI and cybersecurity experts from academia and industry.

CyberSec&AI waslaunched by Avast and Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) in 2019 toprovide a forum to bring together the AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity communities. Building on it’s successful and award-winning physical debut, CyberSec&AI Connected now operates as a virtual conference, allowing atruly global audience to come together and engage with their peers from around the world. Register your interest for 2021 and stay informed on everything related to future CyberSec&AI Connected events!

Last edition of CyberSec&AI enabled researchers, academics, and techprofessionals come together in one digital domain. Across more than eight hoursof in-depth presentations, expert-led workshops, roundtables, live discussions,and direct networking, they focused on the theme of AI for privacy andsecurity. Our own researchers were represented among the speekers as weel. Topoint out at least one our amazing talks, here is a summary of Viliam Lisý’s presentationon how lessons learned from AI versus human poker games can help beat the cybercriminals. Read the 2020report on the conference’s website and get excited for this year’s event! Details coming soon.