Viliam Lisý

I am an Assistant Professor leading the Game Theory group at the AI center with interest in the following research areas:

  • Game Theory - Computational Game Theory, Learning in Games, Imperfect Information, Sequential Games, Deception
  • Network Security - Attack Graphs, Intrusion Detection, Honeypots
  • Artificial Intelligence - Decision Making Under Uncertainty, State Space Search, Planning, Machine Learning

Selected research projects

  • Jan 2018 - Dec 2020: Principal Investigator, Online Methods for Solving Imperfect Information Games, Czech Science Foundation
  • Oct 2013 - Sep 2015: Principal Investigator, Optimizing Heterogeneous Intrusion Detection System Against Rational Adversary, Office of Naval Research Global
  • 2012 - 2014 Team Member on projects form czech government and US defense agencies

Research Results

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Post-human creativity

Post-human creativity

Closing remarks for our discussion on the use of AI in art with the panelists Garrett Lynch IRL, Paul Mouginot and Iskra Velitchkova. Includes a list of sources for further reading and creative experimenting with AI algorithms.