Outstanding work deserves credit. We want to highlight the extraordinary work of our teachers and put their effort in the spotlight. Each semester, the AI Center will announce the "Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award" which comes with a prize money of 15 000 CZK. The winner will be awarded in April 2024.


The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award is announced every semester and the title comes with a prize of 15 000 CZK (paid as a scholarship). The eligible candidates are students of any level or postdocs affiliated with AIC. All candidates must be nominated by the lecturer of the course delivered at AIC or by a Board member. Among the criteria for evaluation are the candidate’s achievements in teaching and the results in the evaluation survey (“anketa”). The AIC Board decides to grant the Award and reserves the right not to award any candidate. See the document with rules for details.

Václav Mácha receives the first Outstanding Teaching Award for his Julia programming course


- The current competition round: Courses taught in Winter Semester 2023/2024
- Deadline for nominations by lecturers: March 31, 2024 -> SUBMIT VIA THIS FORM
- Winner announcement ceremony: AIC All Hands, April 10, 2024 at 11:15 (room KN:E-205)

Jan Mrkos receives the Second Outstanding TA Award for the courses “Planning for Artificial Intelligence” and “Parallel and Distributed Computing”