Our AI and cybersecurity research laboratory will participate in the global program for open-source programming this summer. Apply to improve your coding skills and work on real-world problems!

Over the course of 12 weeks, the Stratosphere Lab team, led by Sebastián García, will mentor students, coders and researchers from around the world to work on open-source security and machine learning programming tasks. The participants will gain unique exposure to real-world software development techniques and improve their coding skills. We were selected as the first Czech organization to be part of this program.

Sebastián García, Head of the Stratosphere Lab. (Photo: Petr Neugebauer, FEE CTU)

About Google Summer of Code

Since 2005, the Google Summer of Code program has connected 19,000+ contributors from 112 countries with 800+ open-source organizations to produce over 43 million lines of code. Open Robotics, Julia Programming Language or Chromium – these are only a few of the many renowned organizations that joined the initiative. We are honored to be among them.

How to apply to work with us

Students can currently contact Stratosphere and start planning in their Discord channel here. The official application system to send proposals to Google opens on March 20 and closes on April 4. Before the registration process, contributors are strongly advised to discuss their project ideas with the organization’s representatives. More information can be found at Google Summer of Code.