Our cybersecurity research project that aims to protect people at risk from targeted digital threats received third place in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Awards.

On September 16, the award-giving ceremony of the 5th year of the SDGs Awards took place in the Černín Palace of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As in previous years, the Association of Social Responsibility awarded the best projects for fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the Czech Republic.

Our planet faces huge environmental, social and economic problems. In September 2015, all of the 193 member states of the United Nations adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with the intention of solving these problems by 2030.

Among the winners, there were projects with a unique impact on various areas of life. For example, a mental health project for schoolchildren, a tool against uneconomical contracts, a space for sharing books and textbooks or raising awareness about menstruation in developing countries were awarded. Our Civilsphere project placed 3rd in the Public Sphere category and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s such an honor to be featured among such amazing initiatives and have our research work recognized.

During the last three years, we have developed systems and tools focusing on helping those at risk. We have helped more than 500 individuals at risk, scanned more than 8 000 phishing attacks, and analyzed hundreds of gigabytes of network traffic. This award means that we do our work right and we are encouraged to improve!

Third place for the Civilsphere project! Yaaaaay! The first place in the Public Sphere category went to the Nevypusť Duši association with a mental health project, which teaches children and teachers how to properly care for mental health and shows where to seek help in case of emergency.

Award-giving ceremony

From the total number of 238 submissions, the winners was selected by an expert jury, composed of representatives of partners, the public sphere, business, trade unions, as well as experts on sustainability and education. The ceremony was moderated by Daniela Drtinová, a well-known DVTV presenter.

The atmosphere was perfected by hand-made glowing balloons made of natural substances, which were created by people with mental illness in the social therapy workshop in South Moravia. The whole stage was brightened up by balloon decorations, which symbolized the motivation of all 238 projects entered in the 2021 SDG Awards to let the Czechia and the world ascend. Thank you for having us!

Award-giving ceremony moderated by Daniela Drtinová.

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