The course was developed together with Technical University in Munich, EuroTeQ aliance and two industry partners. The first cohort will meet in September 2024 in Czechia and Germany.

With the dynamic development of labor market and rapid changes in technology, the education of university graduates is undergoing fundamental changes. To ensure that professionals do not lose track of current trends, CTU prepared its first lifelong learning course on artificial intelligence: Applied AI for Technical Innovation. It will provide up-to-date information on the state of AI development, its possible industry applications, and the legal framework in the context of EU's new AI Act. Organizers expect to inspire participants through engaging presentations, workshops, and community immersion.

This intensive five-day course for 20 participants will connect industry specialists with academics from leading technical universities in the EuroTeQ network. The price is set at 5,000 € reflecting the unique target group: technical managers and senior R&D specialists who hold a Master's degree (or higher) and have a rich industry experience.

The schedule will kick off in Prague providing theoretical input and overview of academic use cases. The course guarantor Tomáš Svoboda from the Department of Cybernetics will be joined by the lecturers Jakub Mareček and Jan Drchal from our AI Center. The program will continue in Munich where the focus will shift more to technical innovations. Two industry partners will interact with participants on site – French company Valeo, a key player in automotive industry and research, and German AppliedAI, Europe's largest initiative for the application of trustworthy AI.

After completing the required assignments, course participants will receive a micro-certificate – the newly recognized educational format in all EU countries. See the overviewof all micro-certificate courses offered at CTU.