Newly announced internal competition for the best paper published in 2020 by AIC students.

A little competition never hurt nobody. Especially when it comes to awarding the best student paper in the AI Center. Our team has some of the brightest young talents in artificial intelligence who are already publishing high-quality research papers. Yes, we are talking about you! Sign up and present your research like it’s an A*world-class conference. Let the best one win and enjoy the fabulous prize of 1 000 EUR.


All Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students working in AIC are eligible to compete with their papers published in 2020. They must be listed as first authors. The final thesis cannot be submitted in this competition. Should you have any questions regarding the rules, do not hesitate to ask.

All papers submitted according to the rules will be evaluated by the special committee composed of AIC board members. The criteria for the evaluation are novelty and significance, technical quality, and also the presentation that has to be given by the author. 

The winner of the best paper will be awarded 1 000 EUR and eternal fame (at least till the next year edition). The prize money will be paid in CZK as a stipend.


Submit your application via and attach the PDF of the paper or send a link to a depository. Further information can be provided about the paper’s previous success, such as acceptance to conferences or received awards.

All competitors are required to do a live presentation of the paper (20minute talk, 10 min Q&A). These presentations will take place as part of our regular seminar sessions or in an alternative time slot (in collaboration with Karolína).  


NEW Applications deadline: April 23, 2021
Presentations: summer semester (May-June 2021)
Winner announcement: June 2021