Oct 30, 2023
Nov 3, 2023

It is with great pleasure that the AI Center is part of the annual AI Days in Prague organized by prg.ai, brno.ai and various partners. Check out where you can meet some of our researchers.

About AI Days

The AI Days are a follow-up to last year's successful first edition. They will offer lectures, workshops, presentations and an interesting accompanying programme. The central line of the event is the introduction of artificial intelligence in relation to current events and the development of this technology. AI Days is for all those interested in AI and its applications.

AIC at AI Days

Proudly, the AI Center is participating in various individual events during this year's AI Days:

Photo by Jiří Ryszawy

30. 10. Data as the fuel of AI: An informal opening of the AI Days in Prague. Several short presentations on data acquisition for training AI models or generating prompts, and how to successfully build an AI data pipeline. AICs Tomáš Pevný will have a presentation „With JsonGrinder.jl, JSON classification is easy“. The event is in CZ.

30. 10. AI and human rights: The panel is part of the TAČR project, which aims to identify and assess the risks and opportunities in the relationship between AI and human rights and to propose solutions how AI technologies should be developed, used and regulated in order to prevent human rights violations and support their further progress and protection. Come and see what AIC's Luboš Král and Jan Drchal have to say on the topic. The event is in CZ.

1. 11. AI Awards 2023: The winners of the AI Awards 2023 will be selected on the basis of public nominations by an expert jury consisting of leading representatives of the Czech AI scene and other personalities. The awards will be given in the categories of AI and societal contribution, AI in education, AI in research and development, AI in public administration and AI in business. Do not miss out on the newest winners! The event is in CZ.

3. 11. Responsible AI workshop:  What is happening in Prague in AI ethics, safety, governance, etc.? The field of artificial intelligence has recently experienced a new wave of interdisciplinary efforts interested in societal implications of AI. However, it is hard to keep track of the progress, especially given the usual divide between different scientific fields. The workshop aims to provide an unbiased overview of different subfields concerned with developing responsible AI technology. Workshop organized by the AI Center. The event is in EN.

Photo by Vladimír Šigut

3. 11. AI4 Talents: The educational block is intended for 8th and 9th grades of primary schools and the first two years of secondary schools. They will be introduced to artificial intelligence by an introductory lecture from a world expert, concrete examples of its use in video games, for example, or stories of people from various fields for whom AI is part of their studies and profession. AIC's Jindřiška Deckerová is a speaker of the panel. The event is in CZ.

3. 11. AI 4 All: A series of short seminars will present the connection between artificial intelligence and the real world, e.g. in agriculture, art, mobility or religion. In the accompanying programme, participants of all ages can generate a visual or textual work with expert assistance, relax under the guidance of AI, talk to AI experts, see an autonomous car or talk to voice assistants.