Feb 9, 2024
Feb 9, 2024

High school students with a passion for science, here's your chance! Ever wondered how quantum particles are discovered, wanted to create a solar lamp, or dreamed of programming robots for Mars missions? Join us on Feb 9 for a day filled with science and experience the work of our researcher Jindřiška Deckerová. You can look forward to lectures, panel discussions and workshops with a range of renowned female researchers. Become a scientist with us for a day!

The event is primarily for female high school students and is held on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It is organised in cooperation with BNL-CZ and CERN-CZ. In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which falls on 11 February each year. The aim is to commemorate the vital role of women in the scientific world and to promote their access to science education and participation in scientific activities. Thanks to our Become a Woman Scientist for a Day event, you too have the opportunity to celebrate the day with us while learning about the different fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry or robotics.

The walking robots have a clear mission, and that is to collect soil samples on Mars. Which walking robot to choose for this task? How to program such a robot? And how to test your program before running it on the robot? You will learn all this in our workshop. Our researcher Jindřiška Deckerová will guide you through the exticing field of walking robots! The workshop also includes a tour of the robotics lab.

Jindřiška's workshop will take place from 13:30 at FEL ČVUT Karlovo náměstí 13.

PROGRAMME of the Day

8:30-9:00 ARRIVAL AND REGISTRATION (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

9:00-9:10 OPENING (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)


9:35-10:15 DISCUSSION / BREAK (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

10:15-10:35  CAN WE TRUST OUR OWN CALCULATOR? – Prof. Ing. EDITA PELANTOVÁ, CSc (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

10:35-10:45 DISCUSSION / BREAK (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

10:45-11:05 REMOTE CONTROL CAR AND OTHER "TOYS" – Bc. KATEŘINA POLÁKOVÁ (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

11:05-11:15 DISCUSSION / BREAK (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

11:15-11:30 COLLABORATIVE PHOTO (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

11:30-12:00 LUNCH (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

12:00-13:20 PANEL DISCUSSION WITH OUR SCIENTISTS (FJFI, Trojanova 13, Prague 2)

13:30-17:00 WORKSHOPS (FJFI / FEL - various locations)

18:00-20:30 EPS YOUNG MINDS AFTER PARTY (FJFI, Břehová 7, Prague 1)

You can find more information on the programme and workshop on FJFI website.

Become a scientist with us for a day!

February 9, 2024


Registration is open until January 31, 2024.