Are you done with your Ph.D. and seeking a unique research opportunity that will translate into real-world impact?

In collaboration with a major operator of oil pipelines, we are seeking a post-doctoral fellow interested in the optimal scheduling of a multiproduct pipeline system using mixed-integer programming. With the help of a team of professional software engineers at a third-party software house, the research will translate into production, improving the operator’s performance with respect to electricity efficiency.

Context of research

Mixed-integer programming is a rich area of research in optimization, largely driven by applications. Recently, there has been much interest in the operations of pipelines carrying natural gas. In contrast, the scheduling of multiproduct pipeline systems carrying oil and oil products introduces several complications: multi-commodity aspects, operational constraints of the refineries, non-trivial models of the cost of pumping (driven by electricity markets, but also the sale of ancillary services therein), and railway logistics as an alternative to pumping.

Your supervisor

Jakub Mareček, Ph.D. has worked in  two start-ups, IBM Research Ireland, and at the University of California LA, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Toronto. As the Head of the Optimization group in the AI Center, he designs and analyses algorithms for optimization and control problems across a range of application domains, including power systems, quantum computing, and robust statistics.

Jakub Mareček

Salary and benefits

  • The post-doctoral fellow will benefit from the mentorship by Jakub Marecek and Vyacheslav Kungurtsev at the Czech Technical University and the pipeline operator.
  • The position is full-time and limited to 3 years, but can be extended in case of mutual interest.
  • The position comes with a salary EUR 40,000 p.a. before a notably low tax which is almost double the average pay in Prague.
  • As a PostDoc in AI Center, you are entitled to 6 weeks of paid vacation which you will find useful when exploring the beautiful parts of our country including a number of UNESCO landmarks.
  • Get excited for traveling to attractive conferences abroad, regular internal seminars, an unlimited supply of coffee (very appreciated).
  • Our labs are located on the university campus in the historical city center with a view of Prague Castle, so perfect transport accessibility is another obvious advantage.
  • The Czech capital regularly ranks among the five best Eropean cities to live in.
  • What we appreciate the most about our research center is its inspirational and supportive environment. We love to cooperate across teams and benefit from our diverse research network.
In 2021, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our research center. Join the team to be there when the next big thing happens!
In 2021, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our research center. Join the team to be there when the next big thing happens!


  • Ph.D. degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Operations Research, Engineering or related disciplines.
  • Some experience in integer programming.
  • A preference is given to: candidates with experience in programming in Python, and candidates with experience with scheduling or multi-commodity flow models.

How to apply

  • Send your structured CV and motivation letter to our HR Manager or via the form below.
  • We will contact you in approx. two weeks whether you qualify for the position and if we think you would be a good fit for our team.
  • You will then get an interview with our Optimization researchers.
  • If all goes well, we will invite you for a visit to give a talk at our internal seminar. You will meet our team, spend a day with us in meetings and lunch and we will show you around.
  • Shortly after, you will get a final answer and we will decide on a suitable starting date.